The Exeter Lawn Bowling Club (ELBC) is located at 298 Main Street South in the heart of Exeter, Ontario, right next to our Town Hall. The club is a member of District 4 of the Ontario Lawn Bowling Association (OLBA). Give it a shot this year! We offer plenty of help and instruction for newcomers. Spectators are always welcome, so you can even bring your friends and family! Anyone aged 9 and up is welcome.

Come Lawn Bowl for:
* Improved fitness through gentle and low risk physical activity
* Improved coordination and skill development
* Enhanced well being – lawn bowling can reduce stress levels
* Social interaction with other members, time to enjoy coffee, and the occasional goodies
* Fun and friendly competition


Jitneys will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm.  Be at the clubhouse by 6:45 to enter your name into the draw.  Two members are assigned to look after each jitney.  If you can’t make the night assigned to you please switch with someone or find a substitute.


  • One Year Membership for returning bowlers $90.00
  • Bowl Rental: Free for new members,  $20.00/season for subsequent seasons.
  • First year Bowlers/ Junior Bowlers $50.00  – After a free one month trial period
  • Social Members  $10.00

If you need to know more or have questions come down to the green on a Tuesday or Thursday evening or use our Contact Us link.

We are extremely grateful to all our Sponsors!

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